AMT provides a wide range of consulting services to improve the operation of processing plants and to improve the execution of APC projects.  Our engineers have deep process experience in the operation of most Refining and Petrochemical processes and can provide direct consulting services to improve their operation.  We also provide services to help with the selection, application, and execution of potential APC projects:

  • Regulatory Control Evaluation and Optimization:  Our experienced engineers perform evaluations of the operability of a plant's regulatory control system, make changes to the controls to improve unit operation, and undertake PID tuning to improve unit stability.
  • APC Strategy Studies:  Using senior consultants with over 25 years experience applying APC systems to process units, AMT performs plant-wide, or single unit, studies to determine the economic benefits to be achieved using APC technologies.  Using these results, project applications can be prioritized to develop an APC application that delivers economic benefits most effectively.
  • Technology & Vendor Selection:  With experience in configuring and applying the various APC technologies, AMT is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in evaluating and selecting a new APC technology vendor.

Our extensive experience with APC and optimization technologies provides a positive impact on the justification, planning, implementation, performance, and maintenance of control applications, in several ways:

  • Regulatory control system optimization
    • Evaluate the functionality of current system
    • Improve the regulatory configuration for optimized operation
    • Improve PID tuning for stability and operability benefits
    • Evaluate instrumentation for problems or missing measurements
  • Refinery-wide or facilities-wide APC/OPT strategy studies covering:
    • Benefits and feasibility
    • Infrastructure and equipment requirements
    • Costs and prioritized schedule
    • Business case development
  • Functional design specifications
  • Technology and vendor selection
  • Independent project post audit and performance studies
    • Application pre and post audits
    • Application performance evaluation covering performance, benefits potential, and benefits realized
  • Project consulting to leverage AMT's experience in a client executed application implementation
    • System designs for APC and optimization systems
    • Best practices
    • Technical overview of all aspects of client implemented applications
  • APC/OPT Best Practice Consulting
    • Implementation
    • Designs and objectives of existing systems
    • Maintenance practices infrastructure: displays, data management, analyzer & inferential interfacing