AMT specializes in using APC and optimisation software to improve the operation and profitability of continuous processing units. We provide professional engineering services to implement APC projects in any desired contribution level - from complete turn-key implementation to higher level oversight on a client's project:

  • Advanced Process Control:  With significant experience in Honeywell's Profit Suite (Profit Controller/ RMPCT), Aspen's Manufacturing Suite (DMCplus, DMC3 and GDOT), Yokogawa PACE (Shell SMOC) and Pavilion's APC Suite (Process Perfecter), AMT offers a broad range of services.
  • Real Time Optimization:  AMT consultants were among the pioneers in applying real time optimization technology from its inception in the 1980s and commercialisation in the 1990s. With extensive experience in applying RTO technology, AMT can provide consulting services for any optimization system for a wide range of chemical and refining processes.

We provide engineering modeling services to implement RTO applications as part of an overall RTO/MVPC project, or implement RTO on top of a client's MVPC application, or develop RTO engineering models to be used for off-line simulation studies.

Our customers determine the type of engagement model that we use when working with them.  AMT offers the following range of project services:

  • Turn-key Application Implementation:
    • Application Assessment, Preliminary Engineering Design, Process Unit(s) Evaluation, Detailed Design, Implementation, Documentation, Training, and Overall Project Management.
  • Joint Projects Involving Customer Resources:
    • Project teams made up of both AMT and Client resources.
    • AMT's experience leveraged across a team of AMT and Client resources.
    • Technology and know-how transfer to client, and a successful application, are the primary goals.
  • Consulting on Customer's Project:
    • Project team made up of Client resources.
    • AMT provides advice and higher level technical oversight to the team.
    • Client responsible for project management and technical execution.
  • Program and Project Management:
    • For turn-key projects AMT will use a project management approach designed to match the customer's internal project management practices, including: Risk Assessment, Project Base-Lining, Schedule Tracking, Critical Path Management.
    • For large multi-site or multi-technology projects AMT can provide a single point of project accountability and management bringing together the appropriate skills, resources and technologies from all possible sources as necessary. In this model AMT can bring in multiple third party resources as required by the technology, schedule and resourcing of the project.

A flexible approach to the engagement model ensures that project services are provided in the most appropriate way and at the right level - from both technical and commercial considerations. To accomplish this, a service organization with a broad range of service offerings and experience levels is required to match the customer's different levels of resources, infrastructure, knowledge, and experience.