PIDTune is a fast and efficient way for engineers to tune PID loops based on responses they can see in a clean and intuitive interface. PIDTune has been developed with feedback from AMT’s very experienced control engineers.

Process engineers can generate suggested tuning based on an open-loop process model, adjust the tuning parameters and see the closed-loop PID responses update in real time.  This allows the user to simulate the effects of changing tuning parameters, spot poor tuning instantly, and allows you to use your own knowledge and judgement to maximise the control performance of your PID controllers.

PIDTune can also be used as a training aid for less experienced engineers to get familiar with the effect of various PID tuning parameters on the closed-loop system response.

With PIDTune, you can:

  • View open and closed loop responses in a live-updating visual environment, using open-loop process models as the simulation basis:
    • 1st or 2nd order (with dead-time)
    • Integrators (with lag and dead-time)
    • Imported model files (*.mdl format)
  • Generate optimised PI and PID tuning to match criteria such as:
    • Disturbance rejection
    • Setpoint tracking
    • PV and OP overshoot
  • Store and visually compare the responses for multiple sets of tuning parameters.
  • Analyse your selected tuning for robustness against noise and modelling error.

PIDTune supports simulations for the major DCS PID algorithms & forms:

  • ABB
  • DeltaV
  • Foxboro
  • Honeywell
  • Yokogawa

If you are interested in an intuitive tool to get fast answers to your PID loop tuning problems, send an email to to contact AMT for more information.