Who is AMT?

AMT is one of the largest and most experienced Advanced Process Control (APC) and Real-time Optimization (RTO) consulting firms in the business. We have over thirty process consultants with major offices in the Houston, the UK, Seoul, Barcelona and Tokyo.  Our engineers have approximately 410 combined man-years experience in the APC business with experience ranging back to some of the first applications of closed-loop APC control on process plants with Dr. Charles Cutler.

We are focused on delivering high quality applications to our customers that generate significant economic and operability improvements to their processes, and provide sustained benefits throughout the life of the application.

AMT is a technology independent company, with substantial experience in several commercially available control and optimization applications including:

  • Aspen Technology
    • Manufacturing Suite (which includes DMCplus, DMC3, GDOT and IP.21)
    • Engineering Suite (which includes real-time optimization)
    • AspenIQ Inferential building Suite.
  • Honeywell's ProfitSuite (which includes Profit Controller).
  • Rockwell Pavilion Technology's APC Suite (which includes Process Perfecter).
  • Yokogawa Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation (PACE)
  • ¬†Shell APC Suite (SMOC)

Company Profile

  • One of the largest and most experienced independent APC consulting companies.
  • Nearly 40 process consultants with approximately 410 combined man-years active experience.
  • Major engineering offices in the Houston, the UK, Seoul, Barcelona and Tokyo. We deliver services to our clients world-wide.
  • Local partnerships in Asia and the Middle East to strengthen our local presence in those locations.
  • Technology independent APC service provider - no obligation to any specific software company.
  • Technical expertise with the major APC and RTO software technologies, and the major DCS systems.
  • Customer focus to deliver operability and economic improvements to process units.
  • Most of our business comes from repeat customers or through client recommendations.

Our Company Strategy

  • Remain a services company providing advanced technology expertise to the chemical, polymers and refining industries with a focus on:
    • Advanced Process Control and Real-time Optimization applications
    • Dynamic plant simulators for Training and Process Operability Analysis
    • Formal training classes for Engineers or Operators on APC Implementation, APC Maintenance, and DCS Regulatory Tuning
  • Maintain a technology independent position with respect to the major technology providers
    • Technology independence allows AMT to provide objective advice regarding commercially available technologies
    • Technology independence allows AMT to utilize the software that is most appropriate for each project - based on technical, commercial, or client requirements.
  • Keep customer satisfaction our top priority
    • As a services company, customer satisfaction is the most important measure of success
    • Customer satisfaction can only be maintained through delivering financially and operationally successful projects
  • Maintain a very high standard of practice and skill in each technology arena addressed
  • Address both application "peak performance" as well as long-term "average application performance"
  • Adjust our services offering to match the customer's needs and ensure value delivery
  • Grow the business through selective hiring of experienced practitioners, and development of the next generation of control engineers

Experience Summary

  • AMT staff have implemented advanced multivariable control systems on all major refining process units - 490 refining multivariable controllers to date.
  • With more than 75 multivariable control applications and nearly 35 optimization applications on Ethylene plants our experience is unsurpassed.
  • Multivariable control of Gas Processing facilities, including LNG, NGL and refinery gas plants.
  • AMT staff has implemented advanced control solutions in oil and gas production, both onshore and offshore.
  • Successful applications have been implemented in the chemical and polymer industries on a variety of production units.
  • AMT consultants have successfully implemented APC applications on operating plants in the building materials industry, such as drywall plants and OSB plants.
  • Professional and consulting services have been provided for plant-wide advanced process control and optimization benefit studies, single-unit benefit studies, performance audits, strategic studies, and training courses.
  • Large scale programs with multiple plants, multiple applications, and programs where a wide range of technologies were used.

APC Applications Experience

Petrochemical APC Applications Refinery APC Applications Other APC Applications
Aromatics Recovery Unit Crude Unit Natural Gas
Bisphenol - A Catalytic Crackers/MF/Gas Plant LNG / NGL Plants
Butyls/Glycol/Ethers Plant CCR + SR Reformers Syngas Units
C3 Splitter C3/C4 Gas Plant Gas to Liquids Unit
Cumene Unit Hydrocracker/Main Frac/Gas Plant
Demethanizer (w/ Refrigeration Compressor) Hydrotreater & Distillation Other Industries
Ethylbenzene Plant HF Alkylation Unit Electricity Power Plant
Ethylene (Olefins) Unit Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Unit Hot Asphalt Shingle Plant
MTBE Sulfuric Acid Alky - Acid Control Air Separation Unit
Penex Unit Delayed Coker Unit Oriented Strand Board Dryers
Phenol Unit Fluid Coker Unit Gypsum Wallboard Process
Resins Plant Flexicoker Alumina Refining
Styrene Unit Carbon Black Plant PET Film Production
Paraxylene Hydrogen Unit / Production Balance Polypropylene melt system
PTA Atmospheric Residual Desulfurization Energy / Utilities Management
Vinyl Chloride Calciner Unit
Butadiene Gasoline-type product splitters
Long Chain Alcohol Lube Oil
TAME Oleflex Unit
Propylene Oxide Refining Sulfur Recovery
PO-Styrene-EB Distillation Vacuum Distillation Unit
Olefins Conversion Unit Refinery-wide APC Project
Ethylene (Olefins) Unit CLP Polymers Plant
Toluene Dealkylation Fuel gas network
Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol Isomerization
Isoprene Hydrocarbon dehexaniser
EB Oxidation (POSM) Sulfolane
iC4 Oxidation (POTBA) Visbreaker
EBHP Epoxidation (POSM)
TBHP Epoxidation (POTBA)
PO-TBA distillation
MBA dehydration (POSM)
Butyl Acrylate
Pyrolysis Gasoline
Acetic Acid plant

Consulting Services

Training Courses Benefit and Strategy Studies Control System Performance Audits
DMC Intermediate and Advanced Level Training Refinery or Facilities Wide Benefits Analysis Application Post Audits
Aspen SmartStep Workshop Refinery or Facilities Wide APC Strategies Application Performance Reviews/Audits
Aspen Watch Workshop Single Unit Focused Benefits and Strategy Studies Maintenance Requirements Evaluations
Profit Controller Training Online Application Benefits Assessments
Regulatory Control System Design, Analysis and Tuning